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5 Principles of Our Work

Why Work with Us

LeClix operates on the highest levels of performance for every client, no matter what size or industry. We treat every budget the same taking a 1 on 1 approach with every client, in effort to grow alongside you as a more than your marketing company, but your partner. We’re your outsourced partner and CMO.

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We’re LeClix-

An award winning media agency that specializes in Lead Generation and Paid Digital.

LeClix is a hybrid agency home to over two dozen home grown media outlets that produce quality content, generating interest in over a dozen financial related verticals, and facilitating B2C & B2B lead generation and funnel development for businesses of all sizes and industries. We have one goal for our clients no matter size, industry or business model. We get clix to convert for you.

Our Process

1. Assess

We take the time to understand your businesses unique value proposition. Leaving no stone un-turned.

2. Plan

We plan your media buying from start to finish. Allocating your budget to only the best placements to deliver the highest ROI and ROAS.

3. Create

Once we’ve identified the most appropriate channels, we carefully and strategically craft your conversion focused sales funnel(s) from scratch.

4. Launch

After we carefully craft your funnel(s) and creative(s) we start to place your media on the most effective mediums for launch.

5. Optimize

Next we optimize your funnel(s) for maximum impact and ROI, aiming to achieve the lowest cost per acquisition at all times.

6. Scale

After yielding exceptional results, we strategically increase your budget to acquire a steady stream of leads, sales and customer acquisition to your hearts content. 💓

We're Ready, are you?